The Full Text of the Speech of Delegation of the Republic of Iraq Delivered by Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein at the Security Council Session on closing the File of Compensation (UNCC)

H.E. Mr Vassily, President of the Security Council

Your Excellencies the distinguished members of the Council

Peace be upon you

I have the honour to begin my speech as a representative of my country, congratulating the Russian Federation on its assumption of the presidency of the Security Council for the month of February, wishing the Permanent Representative of Russia success in this task.

I also extend my thanks and gratitude to the Kingdom of Norway for assuming the tasks of managing the presidency of the Security Council for the last month.

I also extend my thanks and gratitude for the briefing given by the Chairman of the Governing Council of the United Nations Compensation Commission.

Mr President

Iraq today turns an important page of its history that lasted for more than thirty years, and a new page begins in Iraq’s diplomatic, political and economic history, a page that enhances its regional and international role and suits the weight of its history and its cultural heritage on the map of the region and the world, as an effective state in harmony with the aspirations and goals of the international community, as Iraq seeks to enhance frameworks of cooperation with the international community, notably the United Nations, given that Iraq is one of the founders of this organisation and the signatories to its charter on October 14, 1945, and in order to restore its role as an effective and responsible member of the international community.

Mr President

According to the final report issued by the United Nations Compensation Commission, and the briefing given by the Chairman of the Committee’s Governing Council, and the clear indications it included on Iraq’s fulfillment of all its international obligations under the relevant Security Council resolutions, as Iraq had paid the last payment in accordance with its financial obligations and paid the total amount of compensation owes it, which is (fifty-two billion dollars), through the United Nations Compensation Committee, which was distributed to (1.5  million) claims from all categories of claims, and in accordance with what was stated, and the approved wording of the paragraphs of the security Council’s resolution  adopted in this session, and as a reminder of all relevant Security Council resolutions, the Compensation Committee has fully fulfilled its mandate, and had completed the consideration of any future claims on the issue of compensation, and Iraq is no longer required to pay any additional amounts of money in the future, or deal with the procedures of Chapter VII.

In this regard, my country’s government affirms that the engagement with the United Nations Compensation Commission and your esteemed council has been a successful multilateral model, a model that enhances confidence in international mechanisms and procedures in settling the crises that have struck our world until today, and through this international mechanism and on the basis Iraq’s respect for its obligations and fully assuming its responsibilities under the relevant Security Council resolutions, Iraq continued to fulfill these obligations in full in accordance with the timetables and percentages approved by the Compensation Committee, despite the difficult circumstances that Iraq experienced in the previous years of bearing the burdens and economic costs of fighting terrorism and taking its role at the forefront of the countries of the world to confront the terrorist gangs of ISIS and the recovery of the cities from the organisation’s control, as well as the costs of the programmes to return the internally displaced to their cities, the programmes to restore stability, services, the provision of aids and the costs of reconstruction, which were accompanied by a significant decrease in the prices of global oil sales.

 In this regard, the Government of Iraq considers the fulfillment of its international obligations towards the international community and the sisterly State of Kuwait, as a significant development that will enhance Iraq’s relations with its regional and international environment, as well as the Iraqi-Kuwaiti historic relations, looking ahead to broad future horizons based on trust and equal bilateral relations.

Mr President

Iraq has sought to complete this unique example of work, international effort and joint cooperation under the frameworks and mechanisms of the United Nations, through its fulfillment of its international obligations, which in turn highlighted an international legal and moral obligation on the international community and the United Nations, which is the of  Iraq from all Chapter VII procedures, maintain Iraq’s rights, funds and international legal entitlements, and to protect it from any future claims within the framework of the international effort led by the United Nations, based on the Charter of the United Nations, the rules of international law and the general principles of international law of justice and equity, which enhances confidence in these UN mechanisms. This is what we have been keen to confirm and defended hard to include it in the UN Security Council resolution in cooperation with the British pen holder and the rest of the Security Council members. As this international effort will not have completed its success until Iraq’s legitimate demands have been exemplified and included in the UN Security Council resolution.

Mr President

 My country’s government confirms, in the light of the historical and legal vision that we have presented, that Iraq is looking forward in this regard, with utmost importance, for your esteemed council to assume its historical responsibilities and the closure of this file to be reflected positively on Iraq in its regional and international relations, specifically with the neighboring countries. In the end, it is the results that always count, in other words, success is always measured by its conclusions, outcomes, outputs and positive repercussions on the peoples and countries.

In conclusion, Allow me, Mr President, to express our thanks and appreciation to you and the other members of the Council, and to the pen-holder of the esteemed British mission, which was engaged in intensive negotiating rounds with the Iraqi mission, and to all friendly countries that provided support to my country to overcome this historical era which was bitter for the peoples of the region, as well as our thanks and appreciation to the State of Kuwait, as leadership and people.

We congratulate Iraq, people and government, on the conclusion of these international obligations, and on Iraq’s exit from the procedures of Chapter VII, we also extend our thanks and our pride in those in charge of Iraqi diplomacy, especially the permanent Iraqi mission in New York for its tireless efforts in negotiations to include Iraq’s legitimate demands in the resolution, wishing continued prosperity and progress for the people of Iraq and for the peoples of the region and the world.

Thank you, Mr President.