Foreign Minister Meets Delegation from the US Congress in Munich

On the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference in its 58th session, held in the German city of Munich, Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein has met a large delegation of US Senators and Representatives from the Republican and Democratic parties headed by Senator Lindsey Graham, in addition to Senator Yanni Shaheen, Chris Van Hollen, Elissa Slotkin, Joe Lieberman, and other members of Congress.

During the meeting, the discussion has focused on a number of pivotal topics, including the need to support the developing democracy in Iraq, the efforts of parties and political leaders to form the new Iraqi government, and the importance of supporting the Iraqi government’s role in its foreign policy aimed at creating understandings in the region through dialogues and negotiations and away from violence.

The two sides also discussed the future of bilateral relations between the United States and Iraq, as the Minister affirmed the importance of negotiations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the United States of America and other countries to find a solution to the Iranian nuclear file, because the tension in their relations will negatively affect the security and political situation in Iraq and the region, stating that any success in this area will positively affect the laying down the foundations of stability in the region, including Iraq.