Undersecretary for Political Planning Affairs Meets the President of Wasit University

Dr Saleh Hussein Al-Tamimi, Undersecretary for Policy Planning Affairs, has met the President of Wasit University, Dr Mazen Hasan Al-Hasani, and the head of the British organisation (Children Make Change), Mrs Wendy Sharp, as they reviewed the joint efforts between Wasit University and the aforementioned organisation and the organisation’s programmes with the various Iraqi educational bodies and the mutual cooperation within this framework.

The Undersecretary affirmed the importance of implementing cooperation and coordination between Iraqi and British universities and benefiting from the British experiences in the field of education, referring to the Ministry’s readiness to cooperate and provide the necessary facilities in a way that contributes to enhancing the interaction and communication between Iraq and the United Kingdom in the area of education, and the importance of focusing on creating opportunities and taking initiatives to enhance the talents of children and young generations to develop ideas and approaches related to the protection of antiquities and heritage from an early age, as he touched on the role of culture and heritage in developing education and talent development and the historical and civilizational depth that Iraq has in this regard.

On his part, the president of Wasit University presented a summary of the university’s efforts, activities and programmes in the field of cooperation, cultural exchange and development related to the university’s inclusion into international rankings, and its keenness to attract students and professors and exchange educational programmes with international universities.

On her part, Mrs. Wendy Sharp expressed her thanks and high regard for Iraq’s cooperation with the efforts and programmes of the organization of (Children Make Change), confirming her keenness to sustain and activate cooperation and mutual relations, and intensify the programmes dedicated to supporting the education sector and protecting antiquities and heritage in Iraq, as she reviewed the organization’s programmes for the next phase with Iraq within this framework, referring to the importance of cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to facilitate these programmes.

In conclusion, the Undersecretary valued the efforts made by the Iraqi universities and the aforementioned organisation to enhance mutual cooperation and develop the educational and cultural sector in Iraq.