Foreign Minister Discusses with the Saudi Counterpart some Sensitive Cases regarding Security and Stability in the Region

H.E. Dr Fuad Hussein , Minister of Foreign Affairs has discussed with the Saudi Counterpart, Prince Faisal bin Farhan the causes behind  the delay of holding the 5th Session of the Iranian – Saudi Talks and points of view had been exchanged in this regard.

H.E. the Minister of Foreign Affairs affirmed that the Iraqi Government would exert its best endeavuors and uses all its relations in order to create appropriate opportunities for understandings between Tehran and Al Riyadh this comes in a phone call conducted by Minister of Foreign Affairs H.E. Dr. Fu’ad Hussein on Sunday 6/2/2022 with the Minster of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Prince Faisal Bin Farhan.

Both sides discussed the bilateral relations, cooperation and joint coordination in the field of supporting the nominees from both sides in the international organizations.

On the other hand, they discussed the tensions in the Gulf and the necessity to find proper means to distance menace from the region and creating security and stability, confirming the readiness of the Iraqi Government to play an essential role in this regard.

In the conclusion of the talks the two ministers emphasized the necessity to continue the communications during this sensitive period of the region’s history.