Charge d’affiares de Interim of the Republic of Iraq meets the Bahraini Minister of Municipal Affairs and Construction Planning

Charge d’affaires de Interim of the Republic of Iraq to the Kingdom of Bahrain, Moayed Omar Abd AlRahman has met the Bahraini Minister of the Municipal Affairs and Construction Planning, Mr. Assam bin Abd Allah Khalaf. During the meeting, they discussed the cooperation horizons between the Ministries of both countries; the importance of exchanging the expertise and experiments in the field of municipalities; the improvement of the performance of the offices and governmental institutions; and confronting the current and future challenges.

In return, the Minister has welcomed the Charge d’affaires and commended what the relationship is witnessing between the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Republic of Iraq in terms of the development and progress in various fields, in a way to enhance the interests of both countries and their own brotherly people, wishing to the Charge d’affaires success in his duties to serve the bilateral relations.

This meeting comes in the framework of keenness to continue the communication between the Diplomatic Mission of Iraq at the brotherly Kingdom of Bahrain and the official Bahraini bodies to open wider scopes for mutual cooperation on all fields.