Senior Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Receives French Ambassador to Iraq

The Senior Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr Nizar Al-Khairallah, has received the Ambassador of the French Republic to Iraq, Mr Eric Chevalier.

During the meeting, they discussed the latest developments related to the development of the bilateral cooperation relations between Iraq and France. They also touched upon the developments of the internal political situation in Iraq and the efforts to form the new Iraqi government, as the Undersecretary confirmed that there are efforts being made by the Iraqi political parties to form the government as soon as possible.

During the meeting, they also discussed the political and security developments of some regional countries and their repercussions on other countries.

On his part, the French Ambassador expressed his country’s desire to develop the joint cooperation with Iraq in all fields, at the bilateral and multilateral levels, through the relation with the European Union, which France is currently chairing. The French Ambassador also affirmed his country’s desire to hold the meetings of the Iraqi-French joint committee to enhance the bilateral relations between the two sides in various fields.