Under the framework of the Diplomacy of Restitution, Iraq recovers two Archaeological Artefacts, one of which dates back to 4000 Years

 The General Consulate of the Republic of Iraq in Los Angeles has received two artefacts from the Sumerian and Babylonian eras, one of which dates back for 4000 years ago.

 One artefact is part of a Sumerian tablet which dates back thousands of years and It might have been moved outside Iraq during the smuggle actions which the country were exposed to in the twentieth century.

As for the other artefact, it is in the shape of a cone. It may have originated in the Babylonian era, for the period (1600-2000 BC). The inscribed text was used in the old Babylonian schools to teach children how to write. There are only two tablets known with this inscribed text.

 Dr Selwan Sinjari, the Consul General in Los Angeles has extended his thanks and appreciation for the exerted efforts and high coordination with the Home Security Investigations to recover these two artefacts, adding that ‘this effort sheds light on the huge cooperation between the Iraqi and American authorities and that this level of cooperation works to enhance the relationship of friendship under the framework of the SOFA between the two countries. It also works to enhance our common and constant actions to eliminate terror and illegal acts ’.