Ministry’s undersecretary Receives Credentials of Twelve New Ambassadors to Iraq

Undersecretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Policy Planning H.E. Dr Salih Al Timimi has received letters of credentials of twelve new ambassadors to Iraq on Wednesday 19/01/2022. They are as follows: Mr Choi Tong Su Ambassador of South Korea, Mr Bilqasim Mahmody ambassador of Algeria, Mr Dorgha Brasad Ambassador of Nepal , Mr Bremoz Silko Ambassador of Slovenia, Mr Edrabik Tumanov Ambassador of Kazakhstan, Mr Limbi Ibo Ambassador of Estonia , Mr Vensent O’Neal Ambassador of Ireland, Mr Mark Vargha Ambassador of Slovakia , Mr Alasan Monee Ambassador of Porkina faso, Mr Farouk Malami Yabo Ambassador of Nigeria , Mr Aspen Eivent Lienbik Ambassador of Norway and Mr khose Alfonso Blanco Ambassador of Cyprus to Iraq.

The undersecretary affirmed during his meeting with the ambassadors each a side that Iraq is looking forward to establishing balanced relations based on consolidating the political, economic and commercial cooperation and opening the door for investment , and supporting the international and regional coordination and alleviating the tensions and peace keeping in the region, referring to the importance of the joint regional and international cooperation to confront the current international challenges, including countering terror and addressing the economic fluctuations, healthy crises and confronting acute climate changes and environment protection.

The undersecretary expressed his wishes to the ambassadors’ success in their new tasks in a way that tightens relations of friendship and cooperation relations between Iraq and their countries.

Expressing the readiness of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to give all facilitations to the diplomatic missions accredited to Iraq or abroad.

On their part, the ambassadors extended their gratitude and appreciation to the undersecretary; expressing their intensions to develop the relations with Iraq in different fields to enhance the joint ties.