Iraqi Minister of Foreign Affairs from Brussels affirms the return back of 4000 Iraqi migrants voluntarily, and the Iraqi government is doing its best to bring back the stranded Iraqi citizens on the EU states boarders.

    The Iraqi Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Fuad Hussain has met on Thursday 20/1/2022 on the sidelines of his visit to Brussels the European Commissioner of the internal affairs and migration Mrs. Yelva Johanson . They discussed the bilateral relations between the Republic of Iraq and the EU, especially the voluntary return of the Iraqi stranded citizens on the EU boarders.

    The Iraqi Minister reviewed the efforts of the Iraqi government dealing with the migration issue and the procedures taken by it to bring back the stranded Iraqis on the boarders of a number of countries of the EU such as Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. Iraq was able to bring back about 4000 Iraqi citizens via 10 special flights organized by Iraqi Airways. His Excellency confirmed the importance of the continuity of the Migration Dialogue with the EU and the support of the voluntarily return program of the Iraqi asylum seekers in the European countries via making special programs to qualify them.

    His Excellency has presented a briefing on the steps taken by the Iraqi government to fight the smuggling networks and the cooperation of the Iraqi concerned authorities to increase social awareness regarding the negative issues and consequences of Migration.

    On her part, Johanson confirmed the depth and strength of the relations between the two sides, appreciating the role of Iraq to eliminate the terrorist ISIS organization, reviewing the importance of cooperation and partnership between the EU and Iraq and the desire of the EU and its keenness to deepen the relations between the two sides, commending the efforts of Iraq to cooperate with the EU and the member states to bring back the stranded Iraqis on the borders. Johanson confirmed the importance of cooperation to decrease migration and its terrible consequences on the migrants and their families, a matter which would reflect positively on the migration crisis. The European commissioner commended the Iraqi government`s actions to counter the illegal Migration and fight smuggling networks  and provide  all the necessities for the migrants voluntary return,  making it as a role model in cooperation with EU in the Migration field.