Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Vienna participates in the economic conference for the Arab – Austrian Chamber of Commerce

The Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Vienna, Bakker Fatah has participated in the virtual economic conference which was held by the Arab – Austrian Chamber of Commerce in Vienna. The conference was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Economic Ministry; Austrian Chamber of Commerce; a number of Arab and Foreign Ambassadors; and the highest economic Figures, Employers, Investors, and Business Men.

The Ambassador has delivered a speech commending the efforts conducted by the Secretary General of the Arab – Austrian Chamber of Commerce to provide opportunities for the Arab Embassies in Vienna to meet Employers, Business Men, and Austrian Investors trough holding many conferences, sessions, and economic Forums throughout the year; in addition to conducting site visits to the business market in the Arab countries to encourage the Austrian economy to draw a long-term map for cooperation and partnership with the Arab private sector to achieve partnerships and performing common projects which has a positive reflection on the sustainable economic and human development in the Arab region. The Ambassador has referred to the efforts of the Iraqi government to provide the suitable environment for construction and investment in the Iraqi business market. This point is considered as a priority for the Iraqi government in its economic vision, as well as, its concentration on the private sector and providing support to achieve the sustainable and economic objectives within its own government programme which aims at the economic reform policy. The Iraqi government is also working on