Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Abu Dhabi receives the Emirati State Minister at the Iraqi Pavilion in the Dubai Expo

Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Abu Dhabi, Dr Mudhafar Mustafa Al-Joboury has received the State Minister of the Emirati Foreign Ministry – Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Abu Dhabi Global Market, His Highness Ahmed bin Ali Muhammed AlSa’egh at the Pavilion of the Republic of Iraq in the Dubai Expo. The Ambassador has accompanied His Excellency the Minister during a tour at the Exposition’s Departments. His Excellency has viewed certain parts from the Pavilion which highlight the important aspects of Iraq’s past and present time through the content that reflects the civilization richness of Mesopotamia in terms of his heritage, nature, and society’s diversity. During the tour at the Department of the Fine Arts which contains the Arts of the pioneering Iraqi artists, the Minister commended the distinct and unique Iraqi Art, expressing his extreme admiration of the pioneering and young creative generations. During the visit, his Excellency affirmed that Iraq had proved that he was able to make the difference by gathering competent people; stimulating motivation and creative minds; and what Iraq presented to the world alongside the history regarding the great achievements which are the best guide of the importance of thought and civilization of this country. The Minister affirmed the support provided by the leadership of the United Arab Emirates to Iraq to restore its pivotal role, pointing out that the United Arab Emirates has all respect and appreciation for Iraq and its people who had participated in founding and constructing the United Arab Emirates.

In return, the Ambassador has thanked his Excellency for the visit expressing his best wishes of progress and prosperity to the brotherly United Arab Emirates; its leadership; and generous people. He has also emphasised the depth of relationship between the two countries. The two countries were able to establish a solid tie based on the concepts of brotherhood, cooperation, and partnership with the prosperity of commercial and investment relations between the two countries. The Ambassador has confirmed the importance of the Exposition “Expo”, a meeting of civilizations for more than 190 countries to enhance the humanitarian communication and displaying the latest inventions in multiple scientific branches. This contributes to accelerating the human progress and forming a common vision to deal with the current and future circumstances to serve the humanity in the best form.