Head of Protocol Department receives the Assignment Letter of the Head of United Nations High Commission of Refugees in Iraq (UNHCR)

 Mr Ali Shamran Hajim the head of protocol department has received the assignment letter of Mr Joe Nicholas Boz the head of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees in Iraq (UNHCR). The head of the protocol department congratulates Mr Boz for his new assignment, wishing him all success in his work in the Republic of Iraq, stating the readiness of protocol department to provide all support and facilities to ensure the success of the UNHCR’s mission, emphasizing the importance of the organizations’ provided support for Iraq.

On his part, Mr Boz extended his gratitude to the head of protocol department for the good hospitality and reception and to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for its support and assistance to the mission.

Mr Samir Jamal Hasan the head of protocol department has attended the meeting.