Undersecretary of Policy Planning Affairs Meets Serbian Deputy Minister of Education in Belgrade

The Undersecretary of Policy Planning Affairs, Dr Salih Al-Tamimi, has met the Serbian Deputy Minister of Education, Mr Alexander Yuleg, in the Serbian capital, Belgrade. During the meeting, they discussed means to enhance the bilateral cooperation in the field of education, and to benefit from the Serbian experience to develop education in Iraq. The two sides also discussed the importance of signing the memorandum of understanding between the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and its counterpart the Serbian Ministry of Education, which constitutes a basic nucleus for expanding cooperation between Iraqi and Serbian universities, encouraging the student exchange programme, postgraduate research and workshops.

 Dr. Salih Al-Tamimi affirmed increasing the number of meetings with officials in the Ministry of Higher Education to discuss cooperation frameworks between the two ministries, and to increase the number of students studying in the reputable Serbian universities, expressing his desire to expand the horizons of cooperation between the two countries; to include the twinning between Iraqi and Serbian universities, concluding further exchange agreements between faculty members and researchers, expanding participation in scientific conferences between the two countries, exchanging scientific publications, and increasing scholarships for Iraqi students in various fields and specializations.

On his part, the Serbian Deputy Minister of Education affirmed the importance of implementing further aspects of cooperation between the two countries where they represent a strategic and scientific dimension, calling for the consolidation of partnership in the educational, cultural, scientific and research fields.