Permanent Representatives of the Republic of Iraq to the United Nation’s Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) Delivers Iraq’s speech at the 19th session meetings of the general meeting

   H.E. Ambassador Bakir fatah Al Jaf the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Iraq to the United Nations Industrial development Organisation (UNIDO) in Vienna delivered the speech of the Iraqi delegation which participated in the 19th session of the general meeting of UNIDO for the period (29/11 till 3/12/2021) referring to Iraq’s keenness to develop the comprehensive and sustainable industrial development, affirming that despite the security and economic challenges launched by the Iraqi government, in addition to its fifth – year plan for national development for the years (2018-2022) and the economic reform white paper to tackle the economic challenges.

H.E. the Ambassador renewed the invitation to the international community and international organizations to boost investment and industrialization opportunities in Iraq to ensure the achievement of sustainable development that contributes to supporting the required economic reform. Especially that Iraq lives a new era that witnesses a democratic parliamentary election took place in 10/10/2021, and the leading results to form the new government in the near future and puts it within its priorities developing Iraqi economy in the investment field, building and reconstructions.

 As of covid-19, H.E. the ambassador reviewed the Iraqi government regulations to reinforce the state of emergency which allows it to issue strict and exceptional regulations to stop the spread of Covid – 19.

During his speech in the conference, H.E. also touched upon the subject of climate change and sustained industrial development, emphasizing that Iraq is totally committed to the International partnership appreciating the international efforts which led to achieving development and its enhancement, pointing out that Iraq actively participates in the negotiations in the different international events over the climate change, environment and development issues and the latest results was through participating with top – level delegation in the climate summit that took place in Glasgow, where Iraq’s intention emphasized to benefit from and invest  international expertise, including the UNIDO expertise in the field of technical cooperation and initiatives to moving to the circulative economy and wastes recycling and supporting  projects establishment in the clean and renewable energy fields.

H.E. the Permanent Representative of Iraq emphasized the importance of continuing with the development plans and increase the number of countries to get benefit from the Qatari partnership programmes including Iraq, calling upon the organization to open a special office for Iraq for direct supervision and communication to build projects and set activities between the active parties in the government and the UNIDO officials.