Relations committee with Iraq in the EU hosts the Ambassador of Iraq in the EU to discuss the results of the Iraqi election

  The relations committee with Iraq in the EU has hosted Ambassador of Iraq in the EU Mr Sadiq Al Rikabi via video conference in its first meeting to discuss the outcomes of the Iraqi election attended by the head of the committee. The Swedish deputy Ms Sara Skitdal and head of the EU monitoring commission to observe the election in Iraq the Spanish socialist deputy Mr Dominos Monowera.

The speakers of the EU affirmed that the election process that took place lately was important in developing the democratic process in Iraq, despite the difficulties it experienced and the low participation but it was a success on the whole and it stressed the fact that the change comes through ballots and that the boycotting of the election calls have failed and the winning of a number of independent nominees assures the success of the election in addition to the clear changes witnessed in the proportions of the representation of the various political parties in the political representation.

On his part, H.E. Ambassador Al Rikabi thanked the efforts exerted by the EU mission in monitoring the Iraqi election and he affirmed that the election process is a success since its considered the ideal democratic way to form the government in Iraq after decades of dictatorship H.E. affirmed that Iraq is working to enhance the democracy via developing the electoral system and related legislations and tighten the monitoring process, H.E. added that the legal procedures used by the opponents to the results and peaceful demonstrations of some of them is an indication that Iraq is progressing in the election in accordance with  the constitution, and H.E. hoped that the next year may witness the formation of a new government to face the different challenges, calling upon the EU to continue its support to Iraq in all levels.