Minister of Foreign Affairs affirms Iraq’s need for support from its brothers and the world to confront challenges and accelerate construction and investment

On the margins of Sir Baniyas Forum held in its twelfth version in Dubai, the Minister of Foreign Affairs (Fuad Hussein) met the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Zaid Al Nhayan of the UAE on 13/11/2021.

During the meeting, they discussed ways of enhancing the mutual cooperation in all fields in a way that realises the benefits for both countries which would reflect on the welfare of the two peoples. In addition to discussing many issues of mutual interest, as well as the regional and international developments.

H. E. the Foreign Minister of Iraq has reviewed the outcomes of the election and the developments of the political process in the country; the chronological and constitutional schedule to form the upcoming government; the ongoing political movement in the country as well.

On the other hand, H. E. the Foreign Minister has commended the experience of the UAE in construction, economy, and its ability to create a role model in the region. He has also emphasised the strength of relationships connecting the two brotherly peoples and Iraq’s need to receive the support from its brothers and world in order to confront challenges and accelerate construction and investment. H. E. the Foreign Minister has also commended the foundations set up by the government throughout its work which resulted in achieving positive results. He has appreciated the important steps which led to signing the Memorandums of Understanding and Agreements between the two countries recently. He has expressed Iraq’s aspiration for cooperation with the UAE in investing the ports referring to the fact that the economic stability reflects political stability.

In return, his Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Zaid assured about the safety of the Iraqi Prime Minister (Mustafa Al Khadimy) after the attempt of assassination he was exposed to. He has commended the efforts of the Iraqi government in spite of the short period of assuming its duties which formed a glimpse of hope to encourage the countries of the region to be closer to Iraq. This resulted in a significant, important, and big development on the level and quality of relations with the Arab and Gulf environment on one hand; and bilateral relations on the other hand. His Highness has pointed out that there is an emotional tie between the Iraqi and Emirati peoples confirming that his country appreciates Iraqis and extends its thanks and appreciation for their participation in the construction of the UAE ever since it was founded. His Highness has mentioned that the UAE would like to build a strong and stable Iraq politically and a prosperous one economically in the region. He has hoped that the upcoming government would follow the same approach adopted by the current government via continuing to complete enhancing relationships with Arab, regional, and international environment; and continuing to enhancing the bilateral cooperation. The Emirati Minister has also affirmed the importance of encouraging the private sector and revitalising the commercial exchange. He has ordered the Emirati institutions and competent bodies to communicate with the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq to implement the joint action and opening wide prospects for coordination and cooperation based on the benefits of both countries.

Dr Mudhafar Mustafa Al Joboury, the Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Abu Dhabi has attended the meeting.