Permanent Representatives of the Republic of Iraq to the UN office in Geneva deliver Iraq’s Speech in the meetings of the World Health Assembly (WHASS)

H.E. Ambassador Abdul Kareem Hashim Mustafa the Permanent Representative to the United Nation’s office in the World Health Organization gave a speech regarding the Eastern Mediterranean region group (EMRO) in the World Health Organization which includes 22 states during the exceptional term meetings of the World Health Assembly ( WHASS) to review the international agreement or convention regarding the preparation to respond to the pandemics, and to discuss the report of the working team concerned with the organization’s readiness and emergency response established in line with the World Health Assembly resolution  no. (WHA74.7) after spread of Covid-19.

   H.E. the permanent representative referred  in his speech to the acting team situation support  to enhance the readiness of the organization and its response to the health emergency cases regarding enhancing the international health regulations (2005) through making a constructive amendments, taking into consideration the readiness and its response of some important aspects of health emergency may not fully enlisted within the regulations of the important international health regulations domain and the need may be arise for a new potential tool to focus on the gaps in the governance field, leadership , sufficient and sustained funding, and exchanging the pathogens causes and genes and genetic information and improving the fair access to the vaccines especially in the countries of the region during Covid- 19.

The afore-mentioned meetings held in Geneva for the period ( 29/11 – 01/12/2021) witnessed the delivery of many official notes by the ministry of health of  the member states in the organization an official data, in addition to the speeches of the German chancellor Angila Merkel and Mr.Tidros Edhanum the director general of the International Health Organization (WHO).