Foreign Minister Meets GCC Secretary General

H.E. Mr Fuad Hussain met Dr Naïf Al Hajraf   Secretary General of Arab gulf countries in the Regional Security Summit of Al Manama dialogue 17. Both sides discussed means of enhancing the cooperation between the GCC countries and the Republic of Iraq.

 H.E. affirmed that the government is interested in developing the relations with GCC countries on all levels, stating that Iraq is a promising and secured investment environment calling upon the investment companies to invest in the infrastructure sector in Iraq, H.E. briefed the Minster about the latest updates of the political situation and the election results that is expected to be announced ultimately within the next days, The official political activity for the formation of the new government is to begin soon.

On his part, Mr Al Hajraf affirmed the support of the GCC countries for the stability of Iraq, emphasizing   the Gulf countries keenness on enhancing Arab Gulf – Iraqi relations in the serve of the joint interests.

Mr Al Hajraf said that he is following up the election results and expressed his support to the people’s choice and approaching the stance of the Iraqi government allowing the committee of the GCC countries attends the election.

He also stating that “we are ready to work with Iraq and conduct bilateral relations on all levels”.

Noting that the Iraqi – Gulf investment conference which supposed to be held next year at the Expo in UAE that will be specified to discuss the mechanism to implement the strategy with Iraq, calling for the importance of enhancing the outcomes of Al Kuwait conference on the reconstruction of Iraq.