Inclusion of the Common Arabic Calligraphy File Presented by Iraq on The List of Intangible Heritage

The file of the common Arabic calligraphy was included on the list of intangible heritage during the sixteenth meeting of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Heritage, which was held on 14/12/2021, at UNESCO headquarters, via video conferencing technology.

The file represents a fruitful cooperation of the Council of Arab Ambassadors at UNESCO, where Iraq presented this file in cooperation with (Jordan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Kuwait, Libya, Algeria, Egypt, Bahrain, Mauritania, Tunisia, Yemen, Sudan, Palestine and Oman).

The inclusion of Arabic calligraphy on the list of intangible heritage will preserve this type of art as well as its spreading, and this calligraphy is linked to the Arabic language, and will see the spread of the Arabic language due to the support of international organisations for this type of activity by participating in relevant international festivals, conferences and exhibitions. Many artists interested in this type of calligraphy will also participate in these festivals and conferences, and therefore the next stage will witness the definition of artists interested in this type of calligraphy, and this will reflect on the Arabic language and its spread in the world.