Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Vienna meets the head of the Diplomatic Austrian Academy

The Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Vienna (Bakir Fatah) has met the head of the Diplomatic Austrian Academy (Dr Emil Brix) at the headquarters of the Academy in Vienna. During the meeting, they have discussed prospects of cooperation and bilateral relations between the Republic of Iraq and Austria; ways of enhancing these relations in all political, economic, and cultural fields, especially the training field and diplomatic qualification for the employees of both Foreign Service Ministries. This comes under the framework of the fruitful visit conducted by his Excellency Minister of Foreign Affairs – Fuad Hussein to Austria in response to the invitation from his previous Austrian counterpart – Alexander Schallenberg on 30/8 – 4/9/2021.
Mr Emil Brix has affirmed the possibility to open channels of diplomatic cooperation between Iraq and Austria in the fields of training, qualification, and applicable research. This has to be done via signing an agreement between both parties. This requires a dialogue via the channels of diplomatic communication and a visit to be conducted by a delegation from the Austrian Diplomatic Academy to Iraq or a visit of a delegation from the Iraqi Service Institute to Austria. He has clarified that this procedure currently depends on the outcomes of the Austrian political situation to form a new coalition government; and the outcomes of the political activity in Iraq to form the Iraqi government and start to build the institutions suggesting postponing the invitations and visits after the outcomes of the political activity in Iraq and Austria.
Mr Brix has mentioned that the Austrian Diplomatic Academy is funded by the Federal Finance Ministry and it has currently a cooperation and coordination project in the Protocol field with the Kurdistan Regional Government.
From his part and during his speech, the Ambassador has emphasised with Mr Brix that the Iraqi election were conducted in an ideal atmosphere, under European and international observation. The Security Council has commended the election’s integrity confirming that the leaders of the Iraqi political blocs are going to agree to form a national government in the near future which can fulfil the aspirations of the Iraqi people for which the early election had been done. Iraq currently looks forward to the promising and fruitful cooperation with Austria in all fields whether in the near, medium and long run.