Undersecretary of Administrative and Technical Affairs Chairs A workshop on the Indicative Guide to Reduce Fraud and Corruption in Government Bodies

The Undersecretary for Administrative and Technical Affairs, Ambassador Ahmed Tahseen Berwari, has headed a workshop on the indicative guide to reduce fraud and corruption in government bodies, issued by the Federal Financial Supervision Office/ Technical Affairs and Studies Department, in the presence of Ambassador Majid Abdul-Ridha al-Lajmawi, Head of the Financial Department, and Minister Plenipotentiary Nizar Marjan Mohammad, Head of the Administrative Department, Minister Plenipotentiary Mukhles Ali Rajab, Head of the Consular Department, in addition to representatives of the Federal Financial Supervision Office and a number of the ministry employees.
The workshop included a plan for implementing the indicative guide and introducing it, and during the workshop several discussions and inquiries took place between the ladies and gentlemen of the attendance.
The representatives of the Ministry shared the representatives of the Federal Financial Supervision Office some of the problems the Ministry of Foreign Affairs suffer from and the nature of its special work that sometimes requires flexibility in legislation and instructions to facilitate the work of an employee of foreign service, especially in the administrative and financial aspects.