Ambassador of Iraq to Abu Dhabi receives Emirati Foreign Minister at the Iraqi Pavilion in Dubai Expo

 Dr  Mudhafar Al Jubori ,the ambassador of the Republic of  Iraq to Abu Dhabi received on Friday 5/11/2021 H.E. Sheikh Abdulla Bin Zayd Al Nhyan  the Emirati Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in Expo Dubai, H.E. the Ambassador accompanied  H.E. the Emirati Foreign Minister in the Iraqi Pavilion and who listened to a briefing brief on the Mesopotamia’s civilization the pavilion wings and the interactive screens and techniques, H.E. Sheik Abdulla bin Zayd commended the bilateral relations between the two countries which had witnessed a huge development under frame work of cooperation and partnership between the two countries.

H.E. expressed his gratitude and appreciation of the visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, which reflects the depth of historical ties between the leaderships and governments of the two countries, affirming that the pavilion has given an important opportunity to conduct meetings and conclude partnerships between the representatives of different economic sectors and Iraqi firms with its Arab and foreign counterparts.