Head of the Department of International Organizations and Conferences Meets Head of the European Union Mission, Ambassadors of France and the Netherlands, Chargé d’Affaires of Spanish Embassy and Political Adviser of German Embassy

On 31/10/2021, the Head of the International Organisations and Conferences Department, Dr Abbas Kadhem Obaid, met at the Ministry’s headquarters the Head of the European Union Mission, the Ambassadors of France and the Netherlands, the Chargé d’Affaires of the Spanish Embassy and the Political Adviser to the German Embassy accredited in Baghdad. During the meeting, they reviewed and exchanged views on the international issues and resolutions of the mutual interest which has been raised at the United Nations General Assembly at its 76th session.

The head of the department emphasized the Iraq’s fixed position and its continuous support to all international humanitarian decisions and initiatives, as well as those aimed at the peaceful uses of nuclear energy and resolutions banning weapons of mass destruction by any party and at any time, confirming Iraq’s keenness to respect all relevant conventions and treaties to which it has acceded as approved by the Constitution.