Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Madrid Receives Members of the Chamber of Commerce of Spain and Madrid

The Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Madrid, Dr Adel Mustafa, has received the Vice-President of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, Mr Angel Esensio, Mr. Pablo Perez Villamil and the Vice-President of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce, Ms Elsa Salvador.

 During the meeting, they discussed the necessary preparations for holding the Iraqi-Spanish Businessmen and Investors Conference in Madrid 2021 as a complement to the conference that had been held in 2020, and in cooperation with Mr. Abdul Rahman Dosky, director of the companies of the Peru Group and Petersburg International.

During the meeting, Ambassador confirmed the readiness of a number of Iraqi city governors to participate in the conference, and their desire to promote the joint work with the Madrid region, especially the topic of twinning. His Excellency also stressed the importance of concerted efforts with the participation of the State Secretariat for Commerce, the Federation of Employers, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and the Madrid Chamber of Commerce to achieve the desired results in the sectors of environment and water, health, infrastructure, agriculture and food, oil and gas, environment and electricity and commerce.

The delegation also expressed its full readiness to cooperate and hold the conference, as well as to support the private sector and encourage Spanish companies to enter the Iraqi market to create new economic and commercial cooperation opportunities and enhance the bilateral relations between the two countries.