The Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Vienna has participated in the 60th Anniversary Celebration of founding OPEC

The Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq (Bakr Fattah) to Viennahas participated in the 60th Anniversary Celebration of foundingOPEC in Baghdad. This event was held under the auspices of the Mayor of Vienna in the historic building of municipality of Austrian capital. Large number of high levels of political and economic figures in the Austrian arena has attended this event, which was supposed to be held in Baghdad this year; however, the closure of conducting the parliamentary election has prevented to do so. On the edge of this event, the Ambassador has met the Mayor of Vienna: Dr. Michael Ludwig from the People party. During the meeting, ways to enhance bilateral relationships between the friendly countries in all fields were discussed. The topic of the Iraqi election held on 10 November 2021; the international and European observation to guarantee the transparency and integrity of election were discussed as well. The Ambassador made an oral invitation to Mr. Michael Ludwig for visiting the capital – Baghdad.

In return, the Mayor of Vienna has mentioned the historic relationships connecting Iraq and Austria; the importance of enhancing this relationship for a short and long term in all fields including political, economic, and cultural. He has confirmed the support of Austrian Government to Iraq for restoring the security and stability in the whole of the Middle East region. The Ambassador has met the General Secretary of the OPEC Organisation in Vienna (Mr. Mohammed Sanusi Barkindo). They discussed Iraq’s historic role in the above Organisation and preserving Iraq’s right in holding the upcoming celebration in Baghdad next year