The Foreign Minister Meets the U.S. Special Envoy for Iranian Affairs in Abu Dhabi

Dr Fu’ad Hussein the minister of foreign affairs has met on Sunday 18/10/2021, the U.S. special envoy for Iranian Affairs Mr Robert Maley in Abu Dhabi, during the meeting they discussed the political and security developments in the region and its reflections, and the U.S. Iranian relations and means of enhancing the introductory dialogues which were previously conducted between the two sides.

The Foreign Minister emphasized the importance of consolidating stability consolidation and benefiting from the opportunities and mechanisms of coordination; especially that Iraq adopts the non escalation policy and its related interests of all parties which reflect on peace and stability in Iraq’s neighboring area and the region.

 Moreover, H.E. mentioned the electoral process that took place on 10/10/2021, which was reflected a public demand and expressed the attention of the national powers to achieve the elections, commending the efforts exerted to achieve this process.

On his part, Mr Robert Maley commended the significant role of Iraq in the region that seeks to build and bridge relations among the countries of the region to dissolve the disputes via dialogue and peaceful means.