Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hosts Bahraini Undersecretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Giving Lecture to the Ministry’s employees

At the invitation of Dr. Salih Al-Tamimi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Policy Planning, Acting Dean of the Foreign Service Institute, the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs has hosted the Bahraini Undersecretary for Consular and Administrative Affairs, Ambassador Tawfeeq Al-Mansoor, who has delivered a lecture to a staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, eligible for promotion, under the title (Multilateral Relations – United Nations), via video electronic communication.

The Undersecretary has spoken about the important and outstanding role played by the United Nations and its various bodies, and its significant efforts to enhance the cooperation and joint coordination with various countries of the world in various fields, and its important activities in maintaining international peace and security, reviewing his practical expertise and professional experiences in terms of the United Nations’ work.

He has also provided a definition of the meaning of multilateral relations, reviewing the work of countries in general and their partnership with many regional and international organizations.

The Ambassador Mr. al- Mansour has also spoken about Iraq’s historic role in the United Nations as a founding member of this international organisation, as well as being one of the first Arab countries which became a member of the Security Council for two terms 1957-1958, and 1975-1976, and this stems from the political importance of Iraq on the regional and international levels, commending the Iraqi diplomatic capabilities and expertise.