Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to European Union meets the EU new coordinator for terrorism combating

     Mr. Sadiq Al Rikabi the Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to the EU met with Mr, Elka Salimi the new EU coordinator for Combating terrorism at the European Council to congratulate him for his new position. During the meeting they discussed the bilateral cooperation between Iraq and EU in terrorism combating and the EU initiatives to support Iraq to face terrorism and combating the violent, sectarian ideology through the coordination of the European Commission and the Foreign work Administration.

     Mr. Al Rikabi referred to the security succeeds of the Iraqi troops to guarantee the parliamentary elections and the 40th anniversary visit of Imam Hussain without any security violations. Mr. AlRikabi emphasized the importance of the electoral process in Iraq and the continuity of the peaceful transfer of power and the Democracy Establishing for the Iraqi people and He focused on the importance of information exchange between Iraq and EU in terrorism combating and assisting Iraq to restore the stolen Artifacts and to stop smuggling them, Though ISIS still depending on smuggling the Iraqi Artifacts as a way of funding.   

     On his side, Mr. Salimi referred to the success of the Parliamentary elections and he wished the security and peace for the Iraqi people and he referred to the importance of the support and stability of Iraq to achieve security in the region. Mr. Salimi expressed his happiness for the participation of the EU in monitoring the Elections via their special mission and the importance of the visit made by the higher representative of the Foreign policy and the security affairs of the EU Mr. Josef Borel to watch the challenges faced by Iraqi people.

    At the end of the meeting the two sides emphasized the importance of the bilateral cooperation and coordination and to prepare for the new initiatives to support Iraq in Terrorism Combating.

Attended by second Secretary

Dena Adnan Ahmed