Al-Safi Asks the Polish Red Cross Organization to visit the Iraqis who stuck in Borders

The Iraqi charge de affairs ad-interim, the minister plenipotentiary Mr. Hussein Mansour Al Safi has asked the Polish Red Cross Organization to visit the Iraqi asylum seekers who stuck at the eastern bordered of Poland and Belorussia.

Mr. Al Safi has clarified during his reception to the Head of the Polish Red Cross Organization Mr. Brismisilav Hudia, and the supervisor of the National office for researches and information’s in the aforementioned organization Mrs. Katarzina Quiopsius at the Embassy in Warsaw, have clarified that the Iraqi Asylum Seekers who stuck at the eastern borders of Poland suffer from shortage of food stuffs and hard weather conditions and sleeping in the wild , stressing that they need an urgent aids to save their lives.

Mr. Al Safi suggested to the Polish government to allow the Iraqis Asylum Seekers who wish to return to Iraq to enter the Polish Territories and provide facilitations to the Iraqi Embassy dispatched team in Warsaw in order to complete the citizenship record proof actions and to issue a lasse passé passports for them, stressing that the Iraq’s keenness on the friendly interests between the two countries and the rejection of using the Iraqi citizens as fuel in conflicts or in any international rivalry.

On his part, Mr. Brismisilav Hudia has stressed that those who stuck at the forests have resorted to the near areas to ask for food and clothes as reported by the inhabitants of these areas. In line with this issue, the Polish Red Cross Organization built five (5) warehouses on the border line which consist of relief aids such as canned food, clothes and other necessary equipments. He referred that his organization is cooperating with the local institutions that is working in the borders voluntarily such as (borders Medicine), moreover, the German Red Cross Organization promised to provide similar assistance.