Ambassador of Iraq to European Union Meets European Parliament Delegation for Iraqi Election Observation

The Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to the European Union, Sadiq Al-Rikabi, met, via a video conference, with the European Parliament Delegation for Iraqi Elections Observation (EOD), headed by the Spanish Socialist Representative Domènec Devesa. During the meeting, views have been exchanged with the European Representatives regarding the political and security situation in Iraq prior to the parliamentary elections on 10/10/2021, several questions have been raised by some representatives about the latest developments of the security and political situation and the advantages of the new electoral system.

The Ambassador Al-Rikabi pointed to Iraq’s appreciation for the efforts of the European institutions in supporting the democracy in Iraq, praising in this regard the initiative of the European Parliament to form a delegation of seven European representatives to monitor the upcoming Iraqi elections as part of the EU Election Observation Mission (EOM). The ambassador presented a summary of the new electoral system and its advantages that will contribute to the success of these elections, and the latest developments in the security and political situation in Iraq, stressing that all  indicators point to the success of the upcoming elections, especially after the statement of the Grand Ayatollah, Sayyid Ali al-Sistani, who urged Iraqis to actively participate in the elections, in addition to the international monitoring of these elections, which increases their chances of success.

For his part, the head of the European Parliament delegation, which will participate in monitoring the elections, affirmed their appreciation for the embassy’s efforts for having ready access to entry visas and to prepare other matters that facilitate their mission in Baghdad, and stressed that they, as an observation team, represent the European orientation in support of the political process and peaceful democratic transition in Iraq.