Foreign Affairs Minister affirms that Iraq plays pivotal role in calming the settling differences among countries of the region to return relations to normal

Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein received on Thursday, 23/9/2021, his Latvian counterpart, Mr. Edgar Rinkevich, on the sidelines of the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. During the meeting, political, security and regional developments were discussed.

Mr. Hussein stressed that Iraq plays a pivotal role in calming down and settling differences among the countries of the region for returning relations to normal because of its clear impact on maintaining regional and international peace and security to be positively reflected on trade exchange, and in the interest of the economies of the region.

For his part, Mr. Rinkevich, appreciated the roles played by Iraq in finding peaceful solutions to the differences among the countries of the region, and he praised the efforts and measures taken by the Government of Iraq to stop illegal immigration to his country and to other countries, expressing his confidence that those efforts will be continued to bring back citizens stranded at the borders.

Mr. Fuad Hussein referred to Iraq’s communication with these countries by sending Iraqi delegations to them, following up on our Iraqi missions to issue the necessary documents, and allocating private planes to transport them to Iraq, stressing the need to deal in a humane and appropriate manner with them to ensure their voluntary return.