We affirm the firm and principled position on the Palestinian issue, which we express in various international forums, that the right of the Palestinian people will not be subject to a statute of limitations, and that its issue has become the conscience of a people for the Iraqis

Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein delivered Iraq’s speech at the Article 14 conference on facilitating the entry into force of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty, which was held virtually, on Thursday, 23/9/2021.

Mr. Hussein affirmed Iraq’s tireless endeavor to exert and support all regional and international efforts aimed at general and complete disarmament in a manner that enhances international peace and security, in addition to its efforts in combating ISIS terrorist gangs and combating terrorism to eradicate and completely eliminate it, and that Iraq attaches great importance to the issue of systematic strengthening of nuclear disarmament.

He stressed the need to continue the work to enhance the universality of multilateral international agreements and treaties, especially those concerned with nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction, including the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, and the importance of working hard to get rid of these nuclear weapons permanently, because of the catastrophic, destructive dangers that these weapons pose to humans and to the environment.