Ambassador of Republic of Iraq in Madrid delivers speech on the International Diplomatic Day

The Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Madrid, Dr. Adel Mustafa Kamel, delivered Iraq’s speech on the occasion of the International Diplomatic Day at the Arab House Foundation in the presence of United Nations agencies, specialists in the field of sustainable development, and a number of Arab embassies.

In the speech, Mr. Kamel Stressed Iraq’s keenness to fulfill its international obligations, including achieving the sustainable development goals of the United Nations for the year 2030. Iraq entrusted the Ministry of Planning to follow up on joint action tracks in this field between state institutions and development partners such as private sector and civil society organizations, as well as the support provided by the United Nations Development Program UNDP.

Mr. Kamel also Indicated the need for human development to be a priority for work in Iraq, given the extent of the damage afflicted to the Iraqi individual as a result of the successive eras of tyranny, war and violence. He focused on the youth category, considering them the real wealth of the country and the energy for construction and change, as they constitute more than 50% of society.