Undersecretary for Multilateral Relations and Legal Affairs chairs meeting of committee coordinating with relevant government agencies to facilitate work of international elections monitoring

The Undersecretary for Multilateral Relations and Legal Affairs, Dr. Qahtan Taha Khalaf chaired a meeting of the committee formed under Diwani Order no. 302 assigned to coordinate with the concerned government agencies to facilitate the work of international monitoring of upcoming parliamentary elections, pursuant to UN Security Council Resolution 2576 of 2021 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 22/9/2021.

Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Political Affairs and Electoral Assistance, Ms. Ingeborg Geschladottir, and Deputy Head of the European Union Electoral Observation Team, Mr. Alexandre Matos, attended the meeting.

The Committee discussed many issues and reached a number of conclusions related to facilitating the work of international observers, and made a number of recommendations regarding obtaining the required approvals for their implementation.

The meeting comes in continuation of the one held on 15/9/2021 at the Ministry of Foreign affairs within the framework of the weekly meetings of the aforementioned committee pursuant to above mentioned order regarding its formation.