Ambassador Al-Suhail receives Italian Smile Emergency Organization and praises its Medical Mission and its Voluntary Humanitarian Services to Iraq

The Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Italy, Safia Talib Al-Suhail, received at the embassy’s headquarters Dr. Fabio Massimo Abenavoli, head of the Italian Smile Emergency Organization for the treatment of birth defects for children, accompanied by several members of the association.

During the meeting, which has been attended by a staff from the embassy, a detailed presentation of the medical visit of its medical humanitarian mission, which consisted of 13 doctors and specialists was delivered, and it has been pointed out the surgical operations that were carried out in cooperation with the local staff of Nasiriyah Hospital to several beneficiary patients.

 It is worth noting that the mission’s visit is the first visit by the voluntary medical group of Italian doctors after lifting the travel ban caused by the Corona pandemic, announcing the resumption of their periodic visits next November.

Ambassador Al-Suhail praised the great humanitarian role of the organization and its members, doctors, and specialists, appreciating the feelings of human solidarity, which were manifested in the most beautiful forms of humanity to help the children of Iraq in general and Nasiriyah in particular and restore a bright smile to them and their families.

For his part, Mr. Abinafuli presented the Iraqi embassy and Ambassador Al-Suhail a letter of thanks and appreciation for the good cooperation and continuous support they found, including the ambassador’s keenness to deliver the specialized medical camera that has been sent to their Iraqi doctors partners in the operating room at Nasiriyah Hospital to facilitate their virtual communication to conduct joint operations remotely with lack of Ability to move and travel.

It should be noted that the Smile Emergency Organization has been operating for more than 12 years in Iraq, and has sent more than 21 medical missions to Iraq and conducted more than 5,000 field visits, in addition to the recent initiative it launched during the period of the Corona pandemic for direct cooperation between the cities of Rome and Nasiriyah through performing surgical operations virtually, via  broadcast live at Al-Haboubi Hospital, with the participation of a specialized medical staff from its members in Italy.