Ambassador of Republic of Iraqi to Kiev receives Head of Yazidi Community in Ukraine

The Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Kiev Mr. Bakr Ahmed Al-Jaf received in his office on 16/9/2021 the head of the Yazidi community in Ukraine, Sheikh Ali Hassanain, and during the meeting, they exchanged views on a number of issues of concern to both sides.

Mr. Al Jaf welcomed the guest and his accompanying delegation, and reviewed the political and security developments in Iraq with the approaching election date next October, noting that Iraq is witnessed security and political stability that allows it to complete the electoral process successfully.

He added that the security stability reflected positively on the rest of the other aspects, including the activity of religious tourism to Iraq, which is honored to host religious and historical places that have sanctity for the various sects in Najaf, Holy Karbala, Baghdad and other cities visited by hundreds of thousands of believers from all over the world.

He affirmed the embassy’s readiness to provide all the necessary facilities for the Yazidis in Ukraine to visit the city of Lalish in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq as it is one of the holy places for them, he added that Iraq is proud of the diversity of its people who have lived for thousands of years in security and peace, and that one of the most important principles of the Iraqi state after 2003 is respect for freedom of religion and human rights.

For his part, Sheikh Ali  Hassanian thanked the Ambassador, on his behalf and on behalf of the Yezidi community in Ukraine, for the efforts he is making to strengthening bilateral relations between Iraq and Ukraine at various political, economic, and security levels, as well as his communication with a wide range of social and religious figures in Ukraine and providing them with assistance to overcome any obstacles they may face.