Minister of Foreign Affairs arrives in Riyadh to participate in the meeting of Foreign Ministers of Gulf Cooperation Council Countries

At the invitation of the Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council, Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein arrived in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to participate in the meeting of foreign ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

It is planned that the ministers will discuss during the meeting many issues that concern the region and the relations of the neighboring countries outside the Council, in addition to discussing regional and international issues.

Mr. Hussein will shed light on the future reflections of the Baghdad Conference Cooperation and Partnership and the impact of all of this on foreign relations and the political and security situation in Iraq, in addition to the early elections and their importance to Iraq and the region.

Talks between the Minister and the Arab parties participating in the meeting will focus on economic, trade relations, and the role of Gulf companies in investing in the various sectors in Iraq.

Mr. Hussein will meet several ministers of the Gulf States in bilateral talks to discuss relations between Iraq and the countries concerned.