Ambassador of Iraq to Cairo delivers invitation letter from Minister of Justice to the Egyptian Counterpart to attend International Conference in Baghdad

The Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Cairo and its Permanent Representative to the League of Arab States, Dr. Ahmed Nayet Al-Dulaimi met on Monday 6/9/2021, the Egyptian Minister of Justice, Counselor Amr Marwan.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Ambassador conveyed the greetings of the Iraqi Minister of Justice, Judge Salar Abdul Satter, to his Egyptian counterpart and handed over to him an invitation letter to attend the International Conference to be held in Baghdad soon, and praised the efforts made by the Ministry of Justice in consolidating the values of respect for law and the high professionalism that the Ministry deals with.  He also expressed Iraq’s valuation to the support provided by the Arab Republic of Egypt to Iraq, explaining that Iraq, after having passed the stage of military operations by achieving victory over the terrorist gangs of Daesh, during which the Iraqi people embodied the best forms of national unity against the Takfiri gangs, headed today towards development and reconstruction with the help of friendly and brotherly countries, and at the top of their list is Egypt.

For his part, Mr. Marwan affirmed that Iraq has a distinguished place in the hearts of Egyptians, indicating that they are pleased to see Iraq witnessing an urban and development revolution through which it returns to playing important roles in the region, praising the progress made in bilateral relations between the two countries, which reflects a state of sincere desire to maintain ties brotherhood and cooperation.

The meeting witnessed the discussion of many technical issues and specialized files that fall under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice, where Mr. Marwan took the necessary measures to solve the Iraqi problems and claims as soon as possible.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Al Dulaimi thanked the Egyptian Ministry of Justice, represented by His Excellency the Minister, for the warm hospitality and the good reception, praising the Ministry’s cooperation with the Iraqi authorities, which represents a true reflection of depth of the positive relations between the two countries.