Foreign Minister Speaks to New French Ambassador: Iraqi-French Relations Goes Distinctly, and We Look Forward to Friendly Countries Continuing to Support Us and Provide Expertise in Field of infrastructure

On Sunday, 5/9/2021, Foreign Minister, Mr. Fuad Hussein, received a copy of the credentials of Mr. Eric Chevalier, the new French Ambassador in Baghdad. The Minister wished the French Ambassador every success in his work in Baghdad, demonstrating the readiness of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to provide all support to the diplomatic mission ; to increase the volume of coordination in various fields, stressing that the Iraqi-French relations are going in a distinguished manner, and that joint cooperation in policy, security, combating terrorism and diplomatic communication has a significant impact in promoting common interests and facing common risks, expressing thanks and appreciation of Iraq for France’s stances supporting it in international forums, and military and humanitarian support in the war against ISIS terrorist gangs, in addition to assisting in the return of Iraqi antiquities, explaining: Iraq has ended the war against ISIS terrorists, and has begun the construction phase, and the reconstruction of Iraqi cities, and the return of families to their areas of residence, Adding: “Iraq looks forward to the continuation of friendly countries to support it, contribute to investment and provide expertise in the field of infrastructure”.

For his part, the new French ambassador in Baghdad, Mr. Eric Chevalier, affirmed his country’s continued support for Iraq in its war against terrorism, noting that he would do everything in his power to cooperate in supporting Iraq’s security and stability, and to contribute to its reconstruction, in addition to activating development and education, reiterating the call for holding a bilateral meeting between Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein and his French Counterpart, Jean-Yves Le Drian, on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly meetings in New York at the end of this month, in the context of opening new horizons for cooperation between the two countries, and putting the idea of ​​holding Baghdad Conference 2, and the possibility of promoting stronger cooperation between Iraq and France to bring the parties closer in the region, and addressing cross-cutting regional issues concerning the region, and working to sign a partnership and cooperation agreement before the end of this year.