Foreign Minister: Iraq supports Comprehensives Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization in context of achieving goals for which it was established

Foreign Minister, Mr. Fuad Hussein met on Friday 3/9/2021 the Executive Director of the Interim Preparatory Committee for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization; Mr. Robert Floyd, at Vienna International Center. 

During the meeting, congratulations were extended to Mr. Floyd on his assumption of his new position as Executive Director of the Temporary Preparatory Committee of the Organization starting from 1/8/2021, and confirmed Iraq’s full support for the Committee in the process of achieving the goals for which the CTBTTreaty was established. 

The importance of the principle of equitable geographical distribution and rotation and the principle of gender balance in the temporary technical secretarial of the organization and its sub-committees and working groups was also stressed, and the need to strengthen the presence of these two principles in the work entrusted to it was also emphasized.

Mr. Floyd touched on the importance of Iraq’s participation in the upcoming meeting for Article 14 of the Treaty on the promotion for the Treaty’s entry into force, which will be held on the sideline of the high-level meetings of the United Nations General Assembly during September 2021, as part of the joint work to achieve the universality of the Treaty as soon as possible, and taking advantage of its role in strengthening the nuclear non-proliferation regime.