Head of International Organizations and Conferences Department meets Representative of World Health Organization in Iraq

Acting Head of the International Organizations and Conferences Department, Dr. Abbas Kadhem Obaid, met on 2/9/2021, the representative of the World Health Organization in Iraq, Mr. Ahmed Zouiten at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During the meeting, they discussed the programs of the World Health Organization and the interests and activities it performs in Iraq.

Mr. Obaid valued the efforts made by the Organization in addressing the Corona pandemic, in cooperation with the Iraqi Ministry of Health and other national institutions, in addition to other activities related to the health care system, and support for health institutions.

He stressed the importance of including all segments and categories within this program, and coordinating with ministries and sectoral institutions that deal with these segments and meet their needs. 

For his part, the representative of the World Health Organization praised the facilities and cooperation made by the ministries of Health and Foreign Affairs to the organization office of the Organization in Iraq, looking forward to the continuation of coordination and discussion on the priorities determined by the needs of Iraqi health institutions.