Foreign Ministry Hosts a Meeting of the Governmental Media Cell

At the invitation of the Ministry’s Media Office, the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosted on Thursday, September 1, 2021 a meeting of the Government Media Cell to discuss mechanisms of coordinating the government’s regarding the upcoming electoral process.

Members of the cell announced harnessing the capabilities of government media offices to support the Independent High Electoral Commission, through encouraging employees and citizens to participate widely in the democratic process that will take place, on the tenth of next October, throughout the country.

During their fourth session, members of the cell discussed the need to continue supporting efforts of the medical and health workers facing the Corona pandemic, and urging citizens to receive the vaccines provided by the Ministry of Health,  throughout stations spread in all governorates.

The cell called on all media to play their role in urging citizens to participate broadly in the elections, avoid misleading news and hate speech, and abide by the media broadcasting regulations and rules issued by the Media and Communications Authority, in a manner that does not contradict the constitution and laws.