Foreign Minister participates in Bach forum for Security and Cooperation in Austria

Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein participated in the Bach Forum for Security and Cooperation, which was held in western Austria on 1/9/2021, in the presence of Austrian Foreign Minister Mr. Alexander Schallenberg, a number of Arab Ministers and the former Secretary General of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. 

The participants in the forum discussed the main axes related to the possibilities of achieving peace and security in the Middle East through cooperation and joint action between the main actors in the region, and the role that the European Union, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the United States of America and other actors can play in Achieving security and peace, moving to the stage of stability, and starting sustainable economic development in all sectors, and reconstruction, on the basis of cooperation and partnerships that promote the common interests of the governments and peoples of the region.

Referring to the efforts of the Iraqi government in working to open channels for dialogue with the active forces in the region to put an end to the differences among them and not to use Iraq as an arena for settling scores, by bringing the parties together at one dialogue table to solve the outstanding problems, and moving to discuss common interests, cooperation and partnerships that contribute effectively in drying up the sources of terrorism and eliminating it. 

His Excellency touched on the efforts of the Iraqi government to hold the Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership on 28/8/2021, in this direction, which was attended by a number of leaders of neighboring Arab countries and others, where everyone agreed to support Iraq politically, economically, and security wise, to take its real role as an influential player. In the regional and international balance in the Middle East, pointing to Iraq’s need for the efforts of the international community, the European Union represented by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, and the coalition countries by providing advice and expertise in the field of training Iraqi forces and exchanging intelligence information.  

The Minister also stressed the importance of properly diagnosing conflicts so that they can be properly addressed, and the importance of creating a culture of dialogue.