Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein Calls US National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan

The Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein called the National Security Adviser to US President, Jake Sullivan, expressing his condolences to the US government for the deaths of a number of US soldiers in addition to a number of Afghan citizens following yesterday’s bombing (on Thursday, August 26) in the Afghan capital, Kabul.

 The Minister stressed that the Iraqis have been fighting ISIS terrorists and sacrificed their sons in order to save the region from the threat of terrorism, expressing its strong condemnation of this terrorist act.

In turn, Mr. Sullivan thanked the Minister for the call, noting that the Iraqis were proactive in fighting terrorism and its groups, and that this solidarity with the families of the victims is evidence of the sense of solidarity among many of the sons of Iraq who were victims of such terrorist operations, saying “we must go on fighting and defeating them wherever they are.”

The US National Security Adviser stressed the importance of holding the Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership, on Saturday August 28, describing the conference as evidence of the effectiveness of Iraqi diplomatic work, stressing that the United States of America supports holding this meeting.