Final Communiqué of the Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership

The participants of Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership have met on the 28th of August 2021, at the leadership level to show their support for Iraq and discuss challenges, common issues and future prospects. 

The participants expressed their thanks and appreciation for the efforts of the Republic of Iraq in holding and sponsoring this conference which has brought together leaders of the region and friendly countries, and showed their support for the Iraqi government and people, and stressed the need to unify regional and international efforts in a way that positively reflects on the stability and security of the region. In turn, Iraq appreciated the coordinating role played by the French Republic in holding and attending this conference with an active participation. 

The participants welcomed the tireless Iraqi diplomatic efforts to reach a common ground at the regional and international levels in order to strengthen political, economic and security partnerships, adopt constructive dialogue, and consolidate understandings on the basis of common interests. 

Baghdad’s hosting of this conference is a clear evidence of Iraq’s adoption of a policy of positive balance and cooperation in its foreign relations.

The participants renewed their support for the Iraqi government’s efforts to strengthen state institutions according to constitutional mechanisms, and holding the representative parliamentary elections, and to support Iraq’s efforts to request international monitoring to ensure the integrity and transparency of the anticipated voting process. 

The participants acknowledged that the region faces common challenges that require the countries of the region to deal with them on the basis of joint cooperation and mutual interests in accordance with the principles of good neighborliness, non-interference in the internal affairs of countries, and respect of national sovereignty. 

The participants praised Iraq’s great efforts and sacrifices in its war on terrorism with the help of the international coalition, brothers, and friends; to achieve victory, they also welcomed the development of Iraq’s military and combat capabilities in a way that contributes to the consolidation and strengthening of security in the region, and they renewed their rejection of all types and forms of terrorism and extremist ideology. 

The attendants valued the Iraqi government efforts’ to achieve economic reform in a way that ensures sending positive messages which would encourage investment in various sectors for the benefit of everyone, creating an appropriate economic environment and enhancing the process of sustainable development and job creation. 

The participants emphasized supporting the Iraqi government’s efforts in the reconstruction, provision of services, upgrading infrastructure, and strengthening the role of the private sector, as well as its efforts in dealing with the displaced issue and ensuring the voluntary and dignified return to their homes after ending the chapter of terrorism. 

The participants stressed the need for continued cooperation in confronting the Covid-19 pandemic through sharing expertise and exchange of successful experiences regarding vaccination mechanisms, promoting health sectors, and building effective cooperation to confront this common challenge and its significant health, social and economic impacts. 

It was also agreed on the necessity to enhance efforts with Iraq to deal with the challenges arising from climate change and global warming in accordance with relevant international agreements. 

The attendees decided to form a follow up committee comprised of foreign ministers of participating countries, to prepare for periodic Conference future sessions, and to discuss strategic economic and investment projects proposed by Iraq. 

On its part, Iraq expressed its gratitude and appreciation for the distinguished presence of brotherly and friendly countries’ leaders, foreign ministers, regional and international organizations and diplomatic missions as participants and observers in the Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership.