Minister of Foreign Affairs meets Secretary of Russian National Security Council

The Foreign Minister, Mr. Fuad Hussein met on Wednesday August 25,2021 the Secretary of the National Security Council, Mr. Nikolay Patrushev in presence of the Duputy of the Russian Foreign Minister and Personal Envoy of President Putin to the Middle East, Mikhail Bogdanov and a number of other officials of the Security Council.

During the meeting they reviewed the progress of bilateral relations between Baghdad and Moscow, and ways to strengthen them, and open prospects for cooperation to serve the interests of the two friendly peoples. The two sides also reviewed the overall developments throughout the region, and the need to intensify dialogue, efforts and cooperation to eliminate terrorism and restore security and stability to the region. 

The two sides discussed the Afghan situation and its impact on all countries in the region, and stressed that the solution lies in the formation of a comprehensive coalition government and renunciation of violence, and they stressed the importance of increasing joint coordination on the issue of combating terrorism. 

The Minister indicated that the security developments that the world is witnessing, especially in Afghanistan, require everyone to intensify efforts among all countries to prevent the exploitation of these situations by terrorist groups. 

The two sides discussed the regional situation, and the need to support efforts to make the Baghdad Conference a success for cooperation and partnership to support Iraq, as well as increasing work, coordination and cooperation on the situation in the Middle East, and increasing communication with regional parties.