The Minister of Foreign Affairs: the Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership will establish the frameworks for dialogue among the countries of the region instead of the tools of conflicts and disputes

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Fuad Hussein received on Wednesday 25/8/2021 in his residential in Moscow the Chairman of International Relations Committee at the Russian State Duma, Mr. Leonid Slutsky.

During the meeting, they discussed strengthening bilateral relations between Iraq and Russia, the overall political and security situation, and the Iraqi government’s efforts to restore security and stability.

The Minister stressed that Iraq is a country rich in various resources, but it is going through exceptional circumstances that require assistance from all friendly countries through investment and exchange of experience in many fields. Expressing Iraq’s keenness to build relations with various countries on the basis of common interests and common risks. 

Pointing to the importance of holding the Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership, to be held on Saturday, to enhance the Iraqi role, support Iraq, build economic partnerships with countries in the region, and transform the space of conflicts and tensions in the region into a state of dialogue. Stressing that Iraq’s foreign policy is based on balance in its relations with its external surroundings, Iraq was able to establish a platform and tools for dialogue, and Baghdad will turn into a center for communication and positive interaction. 

Calling for the necessity of activating the agreements concluded between Iraq and Russia, to strengthen the historical relations between the two countries. 

They also discussed the visit of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhemi to Moscow. 

For his part, the Chairman of the International Relations Committee of the Russian State Duma, Leonid Slutsky, affirmed his country’s continuous support for Iraq in various fields, pointing to the importance of opening prospects for joint cooperation to serve the interests of the two countries. Mr. Slutsky stressed that the idea of holding Baghdad Conference and bringing together countries is one of the brilliant successes of Iraqi diplomacy, and its positive results will be reflected not only on the Iraqi situation, but on the situation of the entire region, and bless those in charge of the conference.