Minister of Foreign Affairs Gives a Lecture at the Russian Diplomatic Academy

Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein gave a lecture at the Russian Diplomatic Academy, attended by a large number of Russian diplomatic figures and students, in which he touched on the most important prospects for cooperation between Iraq and Russia.

The Minister stressed that Iraq has strong relations with Russia that extend for dozens of years, and that bilateral cooperation between the two countries is progressing continuously, pointing out to the important role played by the Iraqi-Russian joint committee in developing this cooperation.

The Minister also touched on the Iraqi government’s foreign policy approach, which depends on establishing equal diplomatic relations with all countries based on mutual respect, clarifying that Iraq is particularly keen on establishing good relations with the neighboring countries, indicating that this matter has a significant impact on the internal situation in Iraq.

With regard to the Iraqi experience in combating terrorism and the great victory achieved by the Iraqi people and their security forces over the terrorist organization of ISIS.

The Minister stressed that this experience represents a great pride for all Iraqis who stood side by side in confronting the terrorist organization, which sought to undermine life in Mesopotamia.

The Minister held a meeting with the President of the Diplomatic Academy, Mr. Alexander Vladimirevich, in which they discussed ways to develop cooperation between the Foreign Service Institute of the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Russian Diplomatic Academy through holding diplomatic courses.