Iraqi Ambassador in Cairo Discusses Affairs of Iraqi Students in Cairo

Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq, Permanent Representative to the League of Arab States in Cairo, Dr. Ahmed Naief Al Dulaimi met with Dr. Rasha Kamal Muhammad, Head of the Central Administration for International Student Affairs in the Arab Republic of Egypt, to discuss affairs of the Iraqi students in the Egyptian universities and institutes, ways to provide them with the necessary facilities, and remove obstacles they face, especially in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr. Dulaimi stressed importance of offering the Iraqi students the required care and enhancing contact and coordination between the embassy and the administration, praising the cooperation shown by the administration with the embassy regarding affairs of the Iraqi students.

During the meeting, a number of issues and proposals related to the Iraqi students studying in Egypt were discussed including the reduction of the university fees, and facilitation of granting entry and residence visas for study purposes.

For her part, Head of the Central Administration for International Student Affairs highlighted the facilities provided to the international students, stressing the keenness of the Egyptian government and the Egyptian Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, to remove difficulties facing the Iraqi students, stressing that the ministry plans to adopt many steps and measures that would facilitate enrolling newcomer students in the universities.