Iraqi Chargé d’Affairs in Warsaw: Iraq refuses to use its People in International Conflicts. The Iraqi constitution Guarantees Citizen the Right to Travel and Voluntary Immigration

The Iraqi Chargé d’Affairs in Warshaw, Hussein Mansour Al Safi, renewed Iraq’s refusal to use its people in the international conflicts, pointing out that the permanent Iraqi constitution guarantees every citizen the right to travel and voluntary immigration.

He stressed that the Iraqi immigrants have been deceived, and they deserve care from Belarus and Lithuania, pointing to the difficulties in the camps where some families live.

Al Safi declared that the Iraqi government is keen to more proposals from the Lithuanian side regarding solving the problem of immigrants and the offers that the Lithuanian government can provide to encourage them to return voluntarily, especially since they were subjected to a major deception by the smuggling mafias that cost them large sums of money and used them as a tool in a political conflict.

These remarks arise during an official meeting via video, organized by the Diplomatic Protocol Department of the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry, chaired by the Lithuanian President , Mr. KitanasNausida, with the participation of the Lithuanian Border Guard Commander and ambassadors and representatives of the countries of Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan and Congo.

For his part, the Lithuanian President praised Iraq’s cooperation in the issue of illegal immigrants flowing across his country’s borders with Belarus, praising the serious steps it has taken to control their increasing numbers, stressing that his country respects the rules of the international humanitarian law that emphasize respect for human rights, and reserves the right to protect its borders and territorial sovereignty in the event of a threat to its national security and the security of the European Union to which it belongs.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the Chargé d’Affairsinvited the President of the Republic of Lithuania to visit Iraq, noting that achieving this visit supports bilateral relations and enhances the interests of the two friendly peoples.